Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the cottages insulated?
A: Yes. The roof and floor are insulated 100% re-usable polystyrene foam. Earth wool is used in the walls.
Q: Do the cottages require a building permit and council approval?
A: Yes, we can obtain building approvals .
Q: Is it true that cypress is termite resistant?
A: Yes. Cypress is naturally white ant resistant and does not require any toxic treatments for white resistance.
Q: Can you install your designs on sloping or difficult sites?
A: Yes. Eco Cottages are ideal for sloping sites and very cost effective to install on difficult sites without the usual cut and fill excavations.
Q: Do you have display homes?
A: Yes. We also have cottages under construction available for inspection at our factory in Cooroy.
Q: Are Manufactured homes eligible for the First Home Owner's Grant?
A: Yes, all Eco Cottages Designed are Class1A buildings and eligible for the First Home Owner’s Building Grant and bank finance.
Q: Can your designs be modified for disability requirements?
A: Yes. Modifications include access ramps, 870mm wide doors disabled toilets and shower facilities and customised bench heights.
Q: How far do you deliver?
A: We deliver all over regional SE Queensland.
Q: Will the house have the QBCC Home warranty insurance?
A: Yes, we provide the standard QBCC Home warranty insurance with 6-year structural guarantee and 6-month defect warranty period.
Q: Are Eco cottages eligible for bank finance?
A: Yes, Eco cottages are eligible for finance from banks, building societies and credit unions.

Contact us for any further questions.