We Do The Lot

Pricing can be quoted for any of the items below on request

We can apply for the Building Approval (BA), organise the geotech report and have site specific plans drawn up.

Other additional costs:

  • Engineered Surefoot Footings & Posts
  • Transport & Crane Hire
  • Installation
  • Gutter, downpipes & storm water drainage
  • Balustrade if required & stairs with galvanised stringers & 900mm wide 250mm x50mm rough sawn cypress treads coated with non-slip 2 coats of natural Quantum Water based finish
  • Ceiling fans & air-conditioning, exhaust fans & range-hoods if required

Connection to on site services such as, power, water and sewage are subject to a site inspection.


We can include connection to available water supply

Our contract & specifications can include the supply and installation of Water tanks.


We can connect you to available power or you can talk to us about our standalone solar power package.

We can include a Septic System.

An Advanced Enviro –Septic System (AES) is always the first option, as it requires:

  • No Power
  • No Chemicals
  • No Membranes
  • No Quarterly Servicing or Maintenance
  • No Failing Pumps, Control Boards or Aerators
  • No Home Owner Intervention
  • No Grease Trap Required
  • No Annual Out of Pocket Expenses

What is AES?

AES is an innovative onsite Wastewater System, that is passive, non-mechanical and does not use pressure distribution.

The primary component is a large diameter perforated pipe installed in a bed of System Sand.

AES purifies wastewater (that’s received primary treatment in a septic tank), and disperses the treated wastewater into the underlying soils.

The system is adaptable to virtually any residential or commercial application.

How does AES work?

By utilising simple yet effective natural processes, the AES system treats septic tank effluent in a manner that prevents suspended solids from sealing the underlying soil, increases system aeration, and provides a greater bacterial area (“biomat”) than conventional septic systems.

Why is AES Better?

The AES System retains solids in its pipe and provides multiple bacterial surfaces to treat effluent prior to release into the soil.

The rising and falling of effluent inside the pipe enhances bacterial activity.

No other passive wastewater system design offers this functionality.

AES can be retro-fitted to all existing Septic Systems and can be used for black and greywater or just blackwater.

Advances Enviro-Septic treats effluent more efficiently to provide longer system life & protects the environment.

Stages of the Effluent Treatment Process:

  • Stage 1: Warm effluent enters the pipe and is cooled to ground temperature.
  • Stage 2: Suspended solids separate from the cooled liquid effluent.
  • Stage 3: Skimmers further capture the grease and suspended solids from the exiting effluent.
  • Stage 4: Pipe ridges allow the effluent to flow uninterrupted around the circumference of the pipe & aid in cooling.
  • Stage 5: Bio-Accelerator fabrics screen the additional solids from the effluent and develops a Biomat, which provides treatment & ensures accelerated Biomat development.
  • Stage 6: A mat of course random fibres separates more suspended solids from the effluent.
  • Stage 7: Effluent passes into the Geo-Textile fabrics & grows a protective bacterial surface.
  • Stage 8: Sand wicks liquid from the Geo-Textile fabrics & enables air to transfer to the bacterial surface.
  • Stage 9: The fabrics and fibres provide a large bacterial surface to break down solids.
  • Stage 10: An ample airsupply & fluctuating liquid levels increase bacterial efficiency.